About us:

oabcafe is the new Red Revolution. The goal of our website is to act as a saviour of life through providing blood for the needy by creating localized social groups in every area across the world.

Blood plays a key role in saving lives especially in emergencies. There is no alternative for blood nor it can be manufactured by any artificial means. The only way any person who needs blood can be saved is through blood transfusion which can happen only when someone donates blood.

According to latest estimates, blood seems to be an urgent requirement for every 2 seconds. It is also evident from numerous surveys that one in every 7 patients who walk into the hospital are in desperate need of the blood.

When in emergency people often go to lengths and breadths to find the blood. They use every platform available like social media, blood banks, NGOs and even manually calling every contact they have to save their family members.

Identifying this exact need gap, we are establishing this unique social network. Social media is currently being utilized just for connecting people, gaining new friends, running campaigns, raising awareness or putting out your voice against pressing issues, but from now OAB Cafe is going to prove that a social network can also save lives. We can utilize this potential network to create ‘blood bonds’ to save lives of our loved ones as well as fellow humans.

We have created a perfect platform where people can find blood within their neighbourhood by logging in to the OAB Cafe network. Unlike other platforms, we find the nearest person within your geographic location with same blood group. This paves way for timely arrangement of blood in emergencies.

Some key features like access to huge number of blood donors and chatting directly with the members of the required blood group within your geographical area establishes a unique human bond through this network.

Let’s join OAB Cafe and begin to save not just ours but every one’s life.

Oab cafe