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  • OAB Cafe is a platform between individual blood seekers and blood donors.
  • OAB Cafe doesn't guarantee that promising givers are liberated from any ailment or real conditions that keep them from giving blood.
  • We operate only individual requests for blood donations.
  • We don't ensure that a potential giver will follow give blood at whatever point called upon to attempt to so.
  • It is altogether at the obligation of the individual whether or not to give blood.
  • Promising givers who are enlisting on this site MUST UNDERSTAND that this site might be an open catalogue and each one the information on this site is available to EVERYONE.
  • Our Blood Bank gives significant data about promising benefactors to those needing blood.
  • People claiming false identification or acting as brokers/agents/touts for blood banks or hospitals or any misuse of blood or retrieving monetary benefits from any party will be under the strict scanner of Cyber Law.
  • We encourage you to not make bogus enlistments/not to enlist in the event that you are doing not truly wish to give blood.
  • it’s an incomprehensibly important issue for those needing blood in a crisis or something else.
  • The details of the donors are provided only to facilitate the users for contacting them when in need of blood in case of any emergency.
  • The clients need to use the data present in the site and approach the rundown of givers.
  • We are not answerable for any error in the data accessible on the site.
  • The content provided in this site is for information purposes only and this information is not shared with third parties.
  • We are not responsible for any misuse of the contact information given to users via IVRS, SMS and Mobile Apps. If you feel that your contact details are being misused then contact us immediately.


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